About Nate Burgoyne

nate-pizzaOkay, here's the "ten peso version" (thank you Three Amigos). More to come. My name is Nate. Born in Hawaii. Moved to Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Long Island, New York City, Chicago, Connecticut, Spain, England, Utah (again), Taiwan, and back to Hawaii. Wrestled in high school, was a Dominos Pizza boy, played the harmonica, loves to dance and eat sardines (not at the same time), can't find a hot sauce that's hot enough, web designer, balloon twister, magician, father of 4 awesome kids, married to my amazing wife, family man, and got a serious running problem. Hated running my whole life until I read "the book" and on a whim decided to try a marathon around my town. Liked it and never looked back.  Love meeting new people and would love to travel and run. My favorite food is pizza, color is orange (and baby blue) (and pink), I used to have a fish named "While" (named by my 4 year old who carried him around dead in a bag for a 'while'). And, I love life.