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7/16/16 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon (Deluth, MN) [26.2 miles]

Gonna' be in Minnesota for family reunions and camping, so of course I jumped on Ultra Signup to see what's going on, and I found this. Looks awesome! Will be my first race outside of Hawaii. Google says the temperature that time of year is average 66F with 92% humidity. Cool and humid (probably from rain). That'll be a change from hot and humid. I better bring a jacket!

6/30/16 Kaena Point Firecracker [10 miles] VOLUNTEERING

Last year was the first year I had run this one. Maybe it was the surprise bonus distance sand running start and finish, zero shade, or the fact that I had never run this one before and paced it all wrong, but this is one that took something from me last year. I almost passed out when I was done. It took about a month and a half before I was back to normal. Yikes!!! There's very little elevation change and the scenery is amazing, so a lot of road runners come out to this one and register early. It's a fast one. Well, it quickly sold out while I was recovering from the 135 mile Oahu perimeter run. So, I'm stoked to be volunteering for this one cheering, refilling water, or ringing a cow bell. And, next year I'll get my legs back on this course.

8/6/16 Maunawili Out & Back [22 miles]
There's something about this one that has gotten the best of me in the past. It's 11 miles downhill on single track and jeep road with no aid. Then, 11 miles back up. Historically, things have hit the fan for me around mile 17 when I run out of water and the final steep climb it staring at me. It's an untimed race with a staggered start so it's really a race against yourself. This year in Nate vs. Nate, Nate's coming out on top. It'll also be interesting to see what the new course is. Landslide has closed the regular course.

9/3/16 Tantalus Triple Trek [30 miles]
Looking to make this a benchmark race for me. Got my eyes on this prize right now making some adjustments to my training and seeing where it takes me. This is on the HURT course which I'm now more familiar with. Last year was 14th overall with 10th gender placement. Gonna' improve that one this year and I have the patience to stick with the plan.

10/15/16 Peacock Ass Kicker [55 miler]
Stoked to see John Salmonson and Freddy Halmes as race directors for this one this year. I'm guessing it's gonna' be a different course from past years with the new race directors and new course name that sounds brutal! Registration isn't open yet but it's on my list and got my sights set on this one too.




Past Results

5/7/16 Kealia Quad Crusher [9.2 miler (12 miles)] Overall 8; Gender 7

This was the inaugural event on my training grounds. Felt good most of the race bouncing around 4th. Was experimenting with taking very little water and sorta' backfired near the end, but stoked on my effort and finish. Looking forward to next year!!!

4/16/16 Vi's Top of Tantalus [7 miler] Overall 9; Gender 8
2 weeks before this race I ran 135+ miles on an Oahu Perimeter run. Recovery went better than expected and I was registered so I decided to give myself a chance. Had to stay extremely focused and am stoked on my effort and surprised at my finish.

4/3-4/5/16 Oahu Perimeter Run [135+ miler] 43 hours
This wasn't a formal race but more of 4 crazy friends seeing what we could do. Four of us started, two made it to 100 and called it a day, and two of us brought the full distance home. Took me into new places of mental endurance. Stoked on the finish.

1/16/16 HURT 100 [100 miler] Overall 41; Gender 35; Time 34:32:27
Running HURT was a dream come true for me. Overcoming pneumonia, achilles issue, knee injury, foot injury, and a mean staph infection threatened my showing. It was a miracle that I was there and cherished every step. Finish rate is less than 50% and it was a treat to come home with the buckle I wear almost every day.

10/17/15 Peacock 100k [62 miler] Overall 10; Gender 7
Had just come off of pneumonia and achilles problem and cried at the starting line because I couldn't believe I was actually there. This was brutal, key water stations were missing, mud, rain, heat, someone got helicoptered out injured, wet feet were my nemesis. Only 14 100k finishers. Went the distance with plenty of stories to tell.

More past results coming soon . . .


After listening to the book Primal Endurance, I dug that heart rate monitor out of the bottom of my running bag and strapped it on to see what happened.

Staying out of the "Black Hole" has taken self control but I've been pretty much keeping the heart rate below 141bpm.

I've always been a good eater but have become just a little more diligent and aware. Pastas and breads aren't particular appealing anymore, and I actually have the strength to resist a cupcake (usually), but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that sometimes I hold a GOOD cookie in my hand, look at it and say, "If I gave this to a caveman, would he eat it?" So far, the answer has always been, "Yes!" It's Nateopaleo.

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