165 Days: My first day . . . a day off (LOL!)

It’s Monday, and that means it was my wife, Heidi’s, morning to go running, stand up paddling, swimming or whatever. Heidi is a rock star and loves being out and moving. With 4 kids we can’t take off at the same time, so we’ve come up with a little system. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are her days to get up early and go play while I get the kids up, ready and off to school. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are my days to get up early and go play. But, what if you miss your day? Too bad! And if it’s your off day and you still are itching to get out, you can try and squeeze it in either during the day or at night. So, my first day of HURT training is a rest day. Good thing too. I think I’m still recovering from my raspberry pie and bean dip binge at the lottery yesterday. Okay, fine, I’ll get out and do a couple miles tonight!

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