I’m back in the saddle! Welcome to da’ blog.

nate-burgoyne-stokedHey homies! It sure has been a while. And now, I’m back in the saddle! Life is been good, running has been an adventure, and I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of stuff. I was way stoked to finish the HURT 100 back in January. I’ve been writing up my race report ever since I’ve almost got it done writing about it my journal and I’ll be sure to share some of that here on the blog that was definitely an adventure. Not too long after that the opportunity presented itself to join some of my friends on a perimeter run the island of Oahu that was to take us over 135 mile. To tell you the truth, I had only run maybe once since the hurt 100 when I decided to jump in on that action. I definitely couldn’t resist the adventure. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces from that you’re on the blog as well. What else? Oh yeah, I decided to try paleo diet lasted for about a day until I’m home a bag of cookies; but I’ve been getting better have noticed a difference. I did a freakin’ awesome experiment with my shoes in a race the other weekend which definitely help me out in the sticky mud. All that and more coming soon!

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