Tantalus Triple Trek 2016 Race report.

Triple Trek is basically the HURT 100 course, trimmed down to a 30 miler. This was my first ultra distance race and boy have we had some times together. The first time I did this race a few years ago, there was about 5 seconds at the top of the mountain on the second loop, near the pig gates, where I seriously considered giving up ultra-distance running forever. Prior to the race, I had run 30 miles and 50 miles on my own but race day is different, and I was having a moment. Fortunately, I came to my senses and finished the course.

I came into this race, wanting to finish strong and with a good place. I always give myself a chance and think positively, which was what I was depending on for the day. It was a lovely day with very few extreme emotional ups and downs, and my finish was okay.

The greatest victory for me on this day was that on the third loop, I fell in love with ultrarunning all over again. I took my eyes off the ground and soaked in all the energy and life of the mountains. I was grateful for my physical health and strength, and that I could run on an injured ankle. I was reborn again on that day, which was much needed. My running had started slipping into a “chore” and that’s not where I wanted to be. Triple Trek reset my buttons with my sights set on Peacock 55.

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