Hawaii Ultra Running

164 Days: An hour to get just me ready?

Ah, I’m back in the saddle for early morning and late night runs. I’ve been missing my headlamp forever, and my blinky arm band, and wouldn’t you know it, last night I found ’em both! So, I set the alarm for 4am to get out for a run. It went off at 4am and I…

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165 Days: My first day . . . a day off (LOL!)

It’s Monday, and that means it was my wife, Heidi’s, morning to go running, stand up paddling, swimming or whatever. Heidi is a rock star and loves being out and moving. With 4 kids we can’t take off at the same time, so we’ve come up with a little system. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are her…

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166 Days Until HURT 100 Trail race for 2016

I’m in! Today my name was drawn to participate in the HURT 100 in January and I’m both humbled and thrilled to know that January 2016 is going to be my year to put my self on that amazing course. And that’s what this blog is all about . . . for now. I say…

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