Peacock Challenge 55 Miler 2016 Race Report

I love Peacock! Coming off of my rebirth at Triple Trek, I was way stoked for this one. I had decided that this year at Peacock I was going to BE MYSELF all day long, and run my own race.

Training was sporadic and the plan was to run smart and fast. This year the race course was shortened by a few miles and the cut off time was shorted by a lot! The organizers of the HURT 100 were in charge now, and this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

The day was amazing! What made it super fun was I decided to bring MUSIC!!! Not headphones, but a straight up external speaker stuffed in my pocket. I took my Skullcandy Soundmine speaker and my iPhone to fill the day with music. The speaker went in a ziplock bag to keep the sweat off.

What was the music of the day? Well, Pandora served it up, and was was excited that, like, the day before the race, Pandora rolled out their “offline” station feature which was perfect because you lose reception along the course. The start of the day was a station of “elevator music” that made me feel like I was riding up and down the Empire State Building or something.  A little later, I went to Jamiroquai radio, which was a blast, some James Brown radio, and eventually, Caravan Palace station which I love to run with.

I was singing and dancing my way along the trail all day long to a finish line that I was thrilled to cross again. Cheehuu!!!

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